'Anama Concept Character Project (2015)

Following The 'Anama Concept Palate project, which aimed in visually portraying all aromas and flavours found in the wine, the creative team launches 'The Character Project' - a sequence of characters' portraits & moodboards, illustrating how and when various individuals enjoy a glass of 'Anama.

The Traveller, The Believer, The Collector, The Gastronomist, The Perfectionist, The Gentleman, are just a few of the characters invloved in the project.

The Traveller Ted Lelekas
A widely traveled wine explorer & writer, unfolds his personal preferences as to how and when he enjoys a glass of 'Anama. Aged cheeses, cured meats & dried fruit compose Teds' choice of 'Anama pairings.


The Believer Marianne Salentin-Träger
Never losing sight of her vision of unfolding the authentic beauty of Cyprus, the Believer focuses on the real essence of life & shares with us "My heart feels happy when I see beautiful things". Marianne enjoys a glass of 'Anama during her moments of inspiration, reflecting upon her book project and reminiscing the journey that made a dream come true.


The Collector Lou Apostolou
Following a lifetime abroad, our fourth character enjoys simple afternoon pleasures alongside a glass of 'Anama in the comfort of his home. Collections of vintage & antique artifacts that he has accumulated over the years meticulously adorn each and every corner, shelf, table & open space of his beautiful self-built village house & courtyard, visually telling the story of a true collector of experiences.


The Gastronomist Marilena Joannides
Culinary Expert Marilena Joannides, known for her extensive research and knowledge in Mediterranean Cyprus cuisine, is the third character in our latest project and shares with us the recipe & inspiration for her carob-based cake, The Gastronomist's personal favourite accompaniment for a glass of 'Anama.


Concept & Direction - 'Anama
Photography - Rinis13 Photography