The concept

'Anama, the brainchild of oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis and designer Kristina Apostolou, is an exclusive wine-brand designed to target the international wine audience. Offering high value products and experiences, the brand reflects the uniqueness of the historical wine culture of Cyprus. The 'Anama Vintages, the couple's signature project, is the result of their study on Cyprus's tradition & terroir, while considering a modern concept of quality and design.

A collection of wines in line with the islands' traditional Commandaria (terroir, varieties, oak aging etc.), 'Anama is perhaps more sophisticated and at the same time follows a more refined and adventurous protocol. The vineyard cultivation, as well as the winemaking and aging of the wines/ spirits are scientifically designed, operated however mainly by hands and tools, therefore minimizing the use of machinery.

The artisanal packaging of each Vintage is designed to tastefully 'dress' the wine for as long as the owner ages it. Selected raw & precious materials are handcrafted, completing each numbered bottle's uniqueness.




'Cyprus Nama'* known today as Commandaria*
Commandaria (or Commanderia; Greek: κουμανδαρία or κουμανταρία)

*the most ancient listed wine in the world


Mentioned in the scripts of Hesiod, Homer & others, Nama, the ancient-original name of Commandaria, is the oldest listed wine in the world, dating back as far as 5,500 years. Produced solely on the small island of Cyprus, Nama was consumed only by the high-elite society & by Royalty, or was offered to the Gods as a libation (sacrifice).

During the Knight’s era (12th Century), notorious King Richard The Lionheart of England & conqueror of Cyprus, took the initiative of supplying Europe with this fine wine. Considering the high demands as well as the limited quantity Cyprus could produce, he took vines & Cypriot winemaking specialists and established new larger vineyards in the vast Spanish valleys. Thus, they started to produce a ‘new’ wine from sundried grapes- a recent replica of ancient 'Cyprus Nama' – which they named Sherry.

It is also said that the Ottoman sultan Selim II invaded the island just to acquire Commandaria; also that the grapes used to make this wine were the same grapes exported to Portugal that eventually became famous as the source of port wine.