The vineyard

The limited scale of the 'Anama products is justified by the sustainable maintenance of specific old mountainous vineyards, composed of Cyprus's indigenous Mavro & Xinisteri (in a 2:1 ratio), varieties cultivated on the island for millennia. Situated in Zoopigi, the most mountainous point within the fourteen villages of the historical Commandaria region, the 'Anama Vineyard consists of vines that were planted approximately 80 to 120 years ago, spreading across hills & steep slopes. Gazing directly towards the coast of Limassol from an altitude of 1150meters from sea level, the old 'Anama Vineyard is not famous for the quantity of fruit it produces, but for its fully flavored & concentrated crops.

The annual maintenance of the vineyard is adapted to suit the specifications of each individual year, in order to accentuate the terroir's natural expression. Pruning, cultivating and harvesting seasons are carried out mainly by hands & tools, therefore restricting the use of machinery to a minimum.

By following a more nature-driven approach in the vineyard and the winemaking course that follows, rather than imposing standardized protocols, all 'Anama Vintages reveal the unique characteristics of the year they were produced.