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Ousia Single Barrel Vintage 2014

Ousia Single Barrel Vintage 2014

OUSIA is a fine, oak matured spirit of sundried grapes, made following a long and adventurous process in which the use of machinery is minimum //

The old mountainous vineyard is cultivated solely by hand & tools and the fine, hand-picked grapes are naturally sundried for several weeks under the warm autumn sun //

The crisp winter that follows, prolongs skin contact and fermentation , enriching the vin de raisins with complexity and finesse. An old copper distillation pot is used to distinguish the core spirit, which is then matured in an old barrique, previously previously used for aging 'Anama Vintages & Single Barrel Vintages.

Release date: March 2024
Total Production: 281 numbered bottles
Oak Barrel Aging Period: 10 years
Alcohol: 42% vol
Suggested serving temperature: 14-16°C