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Ousia Zivania

Ousia Zivania

Made out of indigenous grape varieties, Mavro and Xinisteri, late-harvested out of specific mountainous vineyards, cultivated solely for Zivania production. After carefully transported to the winery, grapes underlie a short sun-drying process for about a week, enough to evolve its aromatic complexity and finesse. Then, we practice our custom-made smoking protocol, while burning vine branches pruned from the very same vineyard, to elegantly add a delicate smoked note. The vinification that comes next, is a critical part of the production, since it is our last stage so as to create right after a refined base for our distillation.

The old, hand forged Copper-Pot that we solely use, came in our possession a few years ago, and have been thoughtfully reconditioned so as to fit our standards. Over time we 've became strong admirers of the human involvement in its maximum, and so we can rightfully claim that our products are ethically made out of our hands and tools. When it comes to that old piece of pure copper, it is with no doubt that is preciously contributing into the final authenticity, and we are grateful for having it. The fire burning under the pot, is fueled by pinewood, sourced out of our neighboring forest, while consciously following a responsible foresting policy.

This refined spirit, drop by drop collected at the end of a slow-cooking, double distillation process, is our precious OUSIA/DOUBLE DISTILLED FINE ISLAND ZIVANIA