Ousia Off-Dry Oak Matured Zivania

Ousia Off-Dry Oak Matured Zivania

Motivated by our original tendency, inner curiosity and native creativity, together with our faithful belief towards Zivania's multi-tasking potential, and as we have been blessed to be surrounded by a team of loyal friends with their own natural versatility and gastronomical comprehension, we ended up to the amazing idea of crossing our best projects, and eventually creating that third individuality that will complete this very project described as "Zivania Trilog". This is the promising OUSIA OFF-DRY OAK MATURED ZIVANIA. A new blend of double distilled Zivania, oak matured for three (3), five (5) and eight (8) years in Anama Casks, elegantly sweetened with that specific amount of our most exceptional product, Anama Single Barrel Vintage 2013, already matured in oak barrels for seven (7) years. This was the unexpected twist, resulting to a very deep, complex and unique in finesse spirit, inaugurating a new category of future Zivania, as well as a new trend.

The fire burning under the pot, is fueled by pinewood, sourced out of our neighboring forest, while consciously following a responsible foresting policy.