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We aim that our collection of fine Wines & Spirits will offer adventurous connoisseurs from all around the world, a complete enogastronomical experience through space & time – Space because our Wines bring out Cyprus’s “Island taste” wherever in the globe, and Time because our products stand the test of time, many of which can be successfully further aged from a few years, up to several decades.  Also, our Boutique Winery is designed to be the premium environment to fully experience the lifestyle approach that we propose.  Following that, we organize well thought of tasting experiences, courses, workshops & masterclasses, for both beginners and experienced connoisseurs.
-Private Wine Tasting Experience, including tasting of the full series of wines, exclusively made out of indigenous varieties (private winery tour and discussion about the wines, tasting of the full range of our dry wines, and smooth finish with ‘Anama Vintage).
-Private Spirits Tasting Experience, including the tasting of old and rare spirits, most of them not available in the market.
-Cigar pairing experiences, smoking privately with a series of some old and rare ‘Anama Fine Wines & Spirits.
NOTE: For availability, customizations and prices do not hesitate to contact us.
"The ‘Anama Private Event" is a celebration exclusive package, relevant for private parties, gatherings, corporate, bonding and other events. For that purpose, we offer our space for you and your guests privately, as well as providing you with branded 5* services. For more information, customization options, additional services (workshops, transportation services, live music options, prices etc.), do not hesitate to contact us.
-World class Cocktails, made from scratch.
-Masterclasses in winemaking, distillation, cigars, special meat cuts & professional grilling, carried out by professionals. 
-Group activities such as Snooker, Archery, Off-Road pick-nick etc.
For the near future, we are designing new exclusive experiences, i.e. in-house, private microvinifications for clients/members around the world, willing to spend 15 days in Cyprus designing the wine of their preference, harvesting the vineyard and producing the actual wine with the support of our experienced wine-making team. These wines will age in our Cellar, get bottled and will then be shipped to their owners, who will have the pleasure of sharing this experience with others, every time they open a bottle of their owned wine label.
NOTE: Cypriot gastronomy is characterized by the simplicity of high quality, fresh raw materials, in contrary to other European gastronomic identities, which are characterized by complexity of recipes and ‘heavy’ ingredients. For us here at “The ‘Anama Concept”, the quality of enogastronomy comes down to 3 factors: complexity, balance & finesse.  
We don’t prefer intensity in wines, but clean, fresh, crisp, yet soft, balanced wines with finesse, and aging potential. Also, producing only a small quantity of products, we aspire for our clients to feel the unique tasting & lifestyle experience, by enjoying our wines responsibly in a meticulously designed and cared-for environment, which completes our lifestyle goals.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Our place is a boutique winery, offering wine and spirits tasting experiences, addressed exclusively to adults. Our establishment though, is a multi-purpose space not designed for minors, having a few dangerous spots for kids. Therefore, we kindly request our visitors to choose to visit us on a day that they don't have their minors with, so they can fully enjoy our place and wines undisturbed, as well as the rest of our visitors.
OPENING HOURS: We are open for visitors strictly by appointment, on weekdays during working hours, as well as Saturday evenings (15:00-20:00) and Sunday nouns (12:00-17:00). We offer winery tour and fine tasting experiences. We are not a restaurant. Reservation is always required. 
Interested in having your event with us, let's talk.