MG 0672-69  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              photo by Harry Ayiotis              

The Wine Maker


The annual making process of each 'Anama Vintage is never quite the same as the year before. It is an ongoing project, 

customized year after year and designed around what nature provides us with.

Just as nature evolves with the passing of the years, i.e. different climate conditions, rainfall,

temperature and sunlight, the winemaking part of ‘Anama is never a standardized process.


Responsible for producing the ‘Anama Vintages, Oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis believes

in following modern scientific winemaking guidance while respecting the diversity of each Year.


The vineyard is cultivated following no standardised methodology. Instead, together with his wife & partner Kristina,

Lefteris customises its annual treatment as well as the winemaking process, according to the the Vintage.

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