The 'Anama Concept Vineyard

Zoopigi (Ζωοπηγή)

Commandaria Region

    MG 0576-8  

Gazing directly at the limassol coast, the vineyard benefits the fresh sea breeze, while at an altitude of 

one-thousand-one-hundred meters, it carefully nurtures its fruit. Due to its south-western orientation,

the old, slopy vineyard collects sunlight from sunrise to sunset.


The ‘Anama Concept Vineyard, which stretches across five acres of slopy terrain,is composed of the indegenous

grape varieties Xynisteri & Mavro (traditional grapes used for the production of Commandaria).

Aged over one hundred years, the vines continue to grow on ancient rootstoct and have adapted perfectly to their 

natural enviroment. Therefore they have developed the ability to acclimatize to each year’s climatic conditions,

which consequently will appear in the final product. The wine.


   MG 0603-22    MG 0679-75  
   Mavro (Μαύρο)    Xynisteri (Ξυνιστέρι)  
   approx 70% of The ‘Anama Vineyard

Mavro is an ancient, indigenous red grape
variety cultivated solely in Cyprus,
perfectly adapted to the island’s enviroment.

These grapes enhance ‘Anama with richness &
complexity whilst extending its aging

For years Mavro has been underestimated in
its potential to produce quality wines,
resulting in mass uprooting of vineyards.

  Αn indigenous white grape variety 

cultivated on our island since antiquity.

This variety provides ‘Anama Vintages with
finess & aromatic complexity as well as
prolonging its aftertaste.

Today, Xynisteri is also recognised for
producing the finest local white dry wines.



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