designing the vintage   


Designing the Vintage

Influenced by the International stage of contemporary design as well as traditional Cypriot jewellery values, award winning jewellery designer Kristina Apostolou presents a different ‘face’ for the ‘Anama Vintages year after year.

The differences found in each harvest is what initially inspired Kristina to feed the character of the wine into the visual identity of the product - creating a unique bottle label for each Vintage and re-structuring the annual branding.

'The design process begins when the first few drops of juice drips from the press' says the designer. Even from such an early stage in the winemaking process, Kristina & Lefteris are able to distinguish differences in colour and flavour from previous harvests. As the wine matures in the barrels it begins to reveal the complexity of its character and by the time the harvest is ready to be bottled, the visual identity of the Vintage has already taken form.

Furthermore, the fact that 'Anama has an aging potential of 40+ years, was essential in building the design concept. Therefore each and every bottle is numbered by hand-punching the digits on a sterling silver disk, adding additional collectable value to the product. The materials used for the bottle design are also carefully selected and used in order to create a 'jewel' that will adorn a collector's wine cave through time.

In addition to the design process of the actual product, Kristina designs & directs a number of creative projects which aim in promoting 'Anama in the international market. For more on The 'Anama Concept Projects click here

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