'Anama Vintage 2009


A naturally sweet aged wine, made from sundried grapes. A contemporary concept based on the foundations of the oldest recorded wine in the world, Kyprion Nama // 

Ancient Cypriot grape varieties Mavro & Xinisteri compose the 120-year-old single vineyard. Situated in Zoopigi, at an altitude of 1100m, our family’s first generation cultivates the vines, inspired by the old traditional wine making process, originally mastered on the island over 5000 years ago //

Release date : December 2011

Total Production : 1,312 numbered bottles

Oak Barrel Aging Period : 24 months

Further Aging Potential in bottle : 40 years+

Alcohol : 13,5% vol

Awards : Commended by Decanter WWA, 2013

Suggested serving temperature : 12-14 °C



A fine, contemporary & authentic Cypriot product










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