To celebrate & communicate the launch of their 5th harvest, 'Anama Vintage 2011, The ‘Anama Concept duo

Kristina Apostolou & Lefteris Mohianakis, designed & directed 'The Palate Project'.  The brief was to visually portray the

complexity & richness of colours, aromas & flavours found in a glass of 'Anama 2011. A number of detailed tastings of the wine

were carried out at various stages during the aging process, resulting in an in-depth break down of all the aromas & flavours

that can be identified in the wine.  These were then colour sorted, resulting in five main colour categories.

A sequence of five carefully composed photographs/ moodboards were put together, each one capturing a

different essence of the wine palate. A variety of food props, Cypriot delicacies & conceptual pieces were used

in order to achieve this. The five images are titled according to the colour-theme :

Almond White, Chilly Red, Cinnamon Brown, Smokey Brown & Ruby Red.


(The Palate Project credits – Creative Director: Kristina Apostolou, Photography: Rinis13 Photography,

Styling: Kristina Apostolou, Chara Stylianou, Lefteris Mohianakis)


Moodboard No.1 - 'Almond White' 



Moodboard No.2 - 'Chilly Red' 



Moodboard No.3 - 'Cinammon Brown' 



Moodboard No.4 - 'Smokey Brown' 



Moodboard No.5 - 'Ruby Red' 



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